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Ondřej Lhoták

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Associate Professor
Programming Languages Group
David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G1, Canada
Office: DC 2520
Phone: +1-519-888-4567 ext. 36654
Fax: +1-519-885-1208
E-mail: olhotak@uwaterloo.ca

Waterloo's participation in the ACM Programming Contest

Submit to the Scala Symposium at SPLASH 2017 in Vancouver.

My research interests are in programming languages and compilers. My focus is on program analysis of object-oriented languages. I am currently directing most of my attention to Scala.
Selected projects and research themes (current and former):

- Flix, a declarative language for implementing program analyses PLDI16
- Controlling mutation and side effects in Scala using types FTfJP17
- Interprocedural analysis and optimization of Scala OOPSLA16, TOSEM15, ECOOP14
- Call graph construction for incomplete programs ECOOP13, ECOOP12
- Context-sensitive program analysis algorithms PLDI17, SAS15, CC11a, CC11b, CC10
- Scalability of software model checking SCP15, OOPSLA12, ASE11, JPF11, SPIN11
- Static analysis of temporal properties OOPSLA08, VMCAI17, ISMM09, ECOOP07, OOPSLA05
- Points-to analysis POPL11a, POPL11b, TOSEM08, CC06, PLDI05, CC03
- Program analysis using Binary Decision Diagrams TC10, SP&E09, TOPLAS08, LCPC08, LCPC07, PLDI04, PLDI03

Postdocs and graduate students (current and alumni):

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