11th Workshop on Compiler-Driven Performance

Tuesday November 6, 2012

Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre
Associated with CASCON 2012

Session 1 (session chair: Clark Verbrugge)
10:03-10:30 Compiler Scheduling for a Wide-Issue Multithreaded FPGA-Based Compute Engine (Slides)
Ilian Tili, Kalin Ovtcharov, J. Gregory Steffan (University of Toronto)

10:30-10:45Coffee Break

Session 2 (session chair: Kit Barton)
10:45-11:03 Hybrid Arraylets: An Efficient Java Array Representation For Region-Based Garbage Collectors
Daryl Maier (IBM Canada)
11:03-11:21 Scalable Aliasing for Reducing Memory and Power Consumption
Raul Silvera (IBM Canada), David Siegwart (IBM UK), Gita Koblents (IBM Canada), Reid Copeland (IBM Canada)
11:21-11:39 Exceptions: not so rare as you'd think--Handling Exception Faster (Slides)
Chao Chen, Nikola Grcevsk (IBM Canada)


Session 3 (session chair: Mark Stoodley)
11:49-12:07 A Modular Approach to On-Stack Replacement in LLVM
Nurudeen Lameed, Laurie Hendren (McGill University)
12:07-12:25 Granary: Comprehensive Kernel Module Instrumentation
Peter Goodman, Akshay Kumar, Ashvin Goel, Angela Demke Brown (University of Toronto)
12:25-12:52 Language and Architecture Independent Software Thread-Level Speculation
Zhen Cao, Clark Verbrugge (McGill University)


Session 4 (session chair: Greg Steffan)
14:00-14:45 Keynote presentation: Challenges in enhancing Parallelism in C11/C++11, OpenMP and Transactional Memory
Michael Wong (OpenMP CEO, Canada and IBM C++ Standard Head of Delegation, Chair of WG21 SG5 Transactional Memory, IBM Toronto Software Lab, Rational Software)
14:45-15:12 Evaluation of Blue Gene/Q Hardware Support for Transactional Memory
Amy Wang (IBM Canada), Matthew Gaudet (University of Alberta), Peng Wu (IBM Research), J. Nelson Amaral (University of Alberta),
Martin Ohmacht (IBM Research), Christopher Barton (IBM Canada), Raul Silvera (IBM Canada), Maged Michael (IBM Research)
15:12-15:30 Pacman: Program-Assisted Cache Management (Slides)
Xiaoming Gu (Azul Systems), Bin Bao, Jacob Brock, Chen Ding (University of Rochester)

15:30-15:45Coffee Break

Session 5 (session chair: J. Nelson Amaral)
15:45-16:12 One Stone Two Birds: Synchronization Relaxation and Redundancy Removal in GPU-CPU Translation (Slides)
Ziyu Guo, Bo Wu, Xipeng Shen (The College of William and Mary)
16:12-16:39 A compiler toolkit for array-based languages for targeting hybrid CPU/GPU systems
Rahul Garg, Laurie Hendren (McGill University)

Ondřej Lhoták