We are exploring both theoretical and applied areas of programming languages, from type systems and static analysis to virtual machines and concurrency.

Peter Buhr

Concurrency, visualization and debugging, polymorphism, persistence.

Werner Dietl

Programming languages, software engineering, software correctness and robustness.

Patrick Lam

Software Engineering, static program analysis, verifiable software specifications

Ondřej Lhoták

Programming language design & implementation, program analysis of object-oriented languages.

Prabhakar Ragde

Theory and practice of functional programming languages, type theory, proof assistants.

Gregor Richards

Programming language and virtual machine design, in particular dynamic and gradually-typed languages.

Brad Lushman

Typed and untyped λ-calculi, functional programming, type systems.

Nomair Naeem

Programming languages, compilers, program analysis, software verification. Pedagogy.

Thierry Delisle

Advisor: Peter Buhr
Programming languages, concurreny, GPUs.

Jon Eyolfson

Advisor: Patrick Lam
Static analysis, dynamic analysis, empirical studies.

Jeff Luo

Advisor: Werner Dietl
Program synthesis, type systems, software engineering.

Aaron Moss

Advisor: Peter Buhr
Programming languages, GPGPU.

Ellen Arteca

Advisor: Gregor Richards
Programming languages, gradual typing, type theory.

Daniel Gerald Caccamo

Advisor: Werner Dietl

Zhuo Chen

Advisor: Werner Dietl
Programming languages, optional type systems.

Ifaz Kabir

Advisor: Ondřej Lhoták
Logic, type systems, functional programming, interpreters.

Jianchu (Jason) Li

Advisor: Werner Dietl
Programming languages, inference of optional type systems.

Abel Nieto

Advisor: Ondřej Lhoták

Srihari Radhakrishnan

Advisor: Peter Buhr
Programming languages, high-performance web-servers.

Mier Ta

Advisor: Werner Dietl
Programming languages, optional type systems.

Rafi Turas

Advisor: Gregor Richards

Alexi Turcotte

Advisor: Gregor Richards
Gradual typing, language design, theory of computing.

Jun Zhao

Advisor: Patrick Lam
Static analysis, test automation.


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Thesis title: Verification of Temporal Properties Involving Multiple Interacting Objects.
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Thesis title: Performance Comparison of Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor Web Server Architectures.
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Thesis title: Contextual Polymorphism.


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Essay title: A Java Implementation Of A Groupware Editor With Concurrent Update.
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