Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings and talks.


Our group seminars are held every second Friday at 11 am. If you would like to give a talk please contact Werner.

Topic Date Room Presenter
WARP: Waterluvians Reading Papers Fridays at 14:00 for at most 2 hours DC 2568 open mike

Lunch Palaver


noun | pa·lav·er \pə-'la-vər, -'lä-\

: talk that is not important or meaningful
: excitement and activity caused by something that is not important

A palaver is a 15 to 30 minutes informal lunch presentation. You can talk about anything you like: introduce yourself, talk about your hobbies, a book you read, movie you saw, place you visited, conference you attended, etc.

We hold the palavers every second Friday at noon. Feel free to bring lunch!

Topic Date Room Presenter