Prerequisites for building Soot from Subversion

The following are the various prerequisites that I use for building the Subversion trunk of Soot. They are in no way official, a part of Soot, or sanctioned by the rest of the Sable group. They are provided for your convenience, but I make no promises about them, and they are to be used at your own risk. I will strive to keep them up-to-date. If Soot fails to build with them, please let me know. Not all of the prerequisites are available here because it is preferred that you download them from their original sources, either because they are large (eclipse), or their authors prefer it (zchaff).

## Location of the Polyglot Java 5 classes jar file

## Location of Polyglot classes jar file to link Soot against

## Location of Jasmin classes jar file

Prerequisites for building Paddle from Subversion

These are the various prerequisites I use in nightly builds of Paddle. Currently, Paddle depends on the subversion versions of both Jedd and Soot.
## Location of Soot classes

## Location of Polyglot classes jar file to run Jedd with

## Location of Jedd runtime classes jar file

## Location of Jedd translator classes jar file
Jedd also requires a SAT solver to run. Currently, I use zChaff 2004.5.13, which is available at Because different SAT solvers and even different versions of zChaff expect different command-line parameters and have different output formats, I invoke it from a shell script that can easily be tweaked when these things change. Here are the shell scripts I use with zChaff 2004.5.13:
## Command to invoke SAT solver

## Command to invoke SAT core extractor

Nightly builds

The following are nightly builds of the Subversion trunk versions of Soot, Jasmin, Jedd, Paddle. Note that only the Java jars of Jedd are provided; the shared libraries containing BuDDy and CUDD would be target-dependent. Again, these are unofficial and for use at your own risk.