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I've now started to add reader feedback since I get semi-regular remarks from readers and these letters often go into more useful detail than my web page does. Feedback is always welcome. -- MWG, May 7, 2003.

On Tue, 2003-07-29 at 19:47, Terry Mellon (mellon at wrote:

I've found your 'My Little UML Page' very helpful in my search for UML tools. Thanks for going to the trouble of publishing it.

I have a couple of questions about something you said about Visio, namely:

"Note (July 2001): since the release of Visio2000, this tool now provides support for all UML diagrams in the cheaper versions too."

I have the *not* cheaper edition, namely, Visio 2002 Professional (Visio 2002 Standard is now the one and only cheaper edition). This Prof ed has a template named UML Model Diagram in the Software template group off the 'File -- New' menu. I'm helping a company pick a UML tool, and this UML Model Diagram template and its associated features meet their needs. So, obviously, I'm hoping they can purchase the Standard ed instead of the Prof one.

Q1: Does Visio 2002 Standard include the UML Model Diagram template and its associated features?

Q2: If not, do you know how if can be added to the Standard ed legally and for no cost?

A little more info. I just finished talking with MS Pre-Sales Support (PSS) and here's what I learned:

Thus, I'm bothering you. :-)

Thanks. --Terry

P.S. I've investigated the Hruby UML template you referenced on your site. Nice, but we need the navigator, crossing referencing, properties, etc. of the UML Model Diagram template.

On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 03:33, Bjarne (bjarne at wrote:

Hi there.

Just wanted to point you to a tool which I cannot find on your (otherwise excellent) page.

Check out

I have no experience using it, though. This just FYI

- Bjarne Geir Herland
RUnit Software AS

On Fri, 2003-04-18 at 06:53, Tom Soraoka (tom at wrote:


Just FYI ....

I was looking for a free UML tool to use for the Java Architect Certification project.

I found "Visual Paradigm" ( They offer a free "Community Edition" that has a lot more than ArgoUML. Installs with no problems. It has all the required diagrams for the Java Arcitect Certification. It built my UML diagrams from my Java Developers Certification project (except it limits reverse engineering to 20 files). It will also build jpg images out of the diagrams for submission to the Sun certification board.


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