The CS211 Course Project: JavaDuck

Now Available: How we tested your programs!

We ran your programs on 16 tests, included below. Here is how to basically re-create what we did:

Note: The above won't work if you didn't follow the input/output specifications. This includes hard-wiring an absolute path into your program, not reading in the correct file (correct is to add ".java" to what you're given) and not creating the correct file (correct is to add ".html" to what you're given). If you violated the specifications, you lost some points and we modified your program so the tests could be run. You may have to make similar modifications.

You may also just run the test files using the DuckWidget, of course. You should not need to "Quit" in-between each test. If you do, then either you are violating the specifications or you have static variables that should not be static. In the latter case, we again penalized you appropriately and made appropriate modifications.

Here's the old stuff you downloaded long ago... Or get all the code in one compressed bundle (should be faster since is large, but the compressed version is small):

Here's an example input and output file. The output was actually generated by a sample solution. Of course, your output won't look exactly the same, but it will convey the same information.

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