JavaDuck: The Golden Duck Award

Information on picking up project/prelim/old assgts and on final grades can be found here.

It was a difficult decision, but we have a grand winner of the Golden Duck award:

George Chang

Here are some samples of his output on some of our test cases:

Note George's use of whimsey in a pleasing manner.

There were several runners-up:

Would each of the winner's contact me by email to verify that I have spelled your name correctly above?

How did we decide?

Well, the basic prerequisite is that your code had to be correct. While there were many very creative web designs, any ducks that didn't pass our tests didn't make it to the final pond ... err, pool.

Second, please note that the judging was highly subjective. Please don't be offended if you didn't win.

Third, we noted that the JavaDUCK project seems to have been pretty popular with you folks. We're glad that it worked out so well.

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