R. C. Holt
List of Supervised Theses


Degree, Yr, University

Thesis Title

University Where Is/Was Faculty

Yves Verner 

M.Sc. 1971,  U of Toronto

On Process Communication and Process Synchronization


Stephen Rolf Perrin 

M.Sc. 1972,  U of Toronto 

The Resource Management Module of the SUE Multiprogramming System


Gabor G. Kalmar 

M.Sc. 1972,  U of Toronto 

An Implementation Language for Minicomputers.


Eirene K. Economou 

M.Sc. 1973,  U of Toronto 

A Sequence of PL/I Subsets for Educational Purposes


Henry J. Pasko 

M.Sc. 1974,  U of Toronto 

A Pseudo-Machine for Code Generation


Philip Khaiat 

M.Sc. 1974,  U of Toronto 

A Well-Structured Minicomputer Operating System


Ira E. Greenblatt 

M.Sc. 1975,  U of Toronto 

Experience with Techniques for the Development of Computer Operating Systems


James R. Cordy 

M.Sc. 1976,  U of Toronto 

A Diagrammatic Approach to Programming Language Semantics


Reinhard G. Menzel 

M.Sc. 1976,  U of Toronto 

Concurrent SP/k: A Language Supporting Concurrent Processes


D. Hugh Redelmeier 

M.Sc. 1976,  U of Toronto 

A Code Generator for Sue.8


Kevin Fysh 

M.Sc. 1977,  U of Toronto 

The Design of An Optimizing Chart-Driven Code Emitter


James J. Miceli 

M.Sc. 1979,  U of Toronto 

Some Experiences With A One-Man Language


John C. Rylaarsdam 

M.Sc. 1979,  U of Toronto 

An Experiment in Code Generation: Production Of PDP-11 Code For Concurrent Pascal


David Charles Kirsch 

M.Sc. 1979,  U of Toronto 

An Experiment in Compiler Portability


Patrick Cardozo 

M.Sc. 1980,  U of Toronto 

Tunis-2: A Unix-Like Portable Operating System.


J. Alan Rosselet 

M.Sc. 1980,  U of Toronto 

PT: A Pascal Subset


Barry A. Spinney 

M.Sc. 1981,  U of Toronto 

A Technique For The Construction Of Portable Production-Quality Code Generators


David T. Barnard

Ph.D. 1981,  U of Toronto

Hierarchic Syntax Error Repair

Queen’s U (Canada) [Head of Dept], Regina U [President]

Ian John Davis 

M.Sc. 1982,  U of Toronto 

Towards Reliable File Systems


Philip A. Matthews 

M.Sc. 1982,  U of Toronto 

Concurrent Euclid: Proof Rules And A VCG


Harold E. Briscoe 

M.Sc. 1982,  U of Toronto 

Memory Management On Paging Hardware: An Experiment Involving Tunis And The Vax


Chris Lewis 

M.Sc. 1982,  U of Toronto 

Some Early Results And Documentation For Concurrent Euclid


Greg Dudek (sp’d with Carl Hamacher)

M.Sc. 1982,  U of Toronto

The Design of a Microcomputer Based
Distributed Processing
System with Centralized File Service


Janice Cynthia Weber 

M.Sc. 1983,  U of Toronto 

Interactive Debugging Of Concurrent Programs


Mark P. Mendell 

M.Sc. 1983,  U of Toronto 

Structure Of A Portable Operating System


Frank J. Budinsky 

M.Sc. 1984,  U of Toronto 

SRE: A Syntax Recognizing Editor (co-supervised with S. Zaky)


Stephen Perelgut 

M.Sc. 1984,  U of Toronto 

Structured Device Management In Operating Systems


D. Hugh Redelmeier 

Ph.D. 1984,  U of Toronto 

Towards Practical Functional Programming


Alexander D. Stoyenko 

M.Sc. 1984,  U of Toronto 

Real-Time Systems: Scheduling And Structure


A. Peter Ewens 

M.Sc. 1985,  U of Toronto 

Symmetric Tunis


David R. Blythe 

M.Sc. 1986,  U of Toronto 

Master-Slave Tunis: A Multiprocessor Operating System


Alan J. Rosselet 

Ph.D. 1986,  U of Toronto 

Definition and Implementation of Context Conditions for Programming Languages

U Victoria (Canada)

James R. Cordy 

Ph.D. 1986,  U of Toronto 

An Orthogonal Model for Code Generation

Queen’s U [Head of Dept]

Peter J. Ashwood-Smith

M.Sc. 1987,  U of Toronto 

The Source Level Optimization of Turing Plus


David A. Penny 

M.Sc. 1987,  U of Toronto 

A High Level Approach to Writing Software that Controls Pheripal Devices


Alexander D. Stoyenko 

Ph.D. 1987,  U of Toronto

A Real Time Language with a Schedulability Analyzer (co-supervised with Carl Hamacher)

NJ Instit Tech

Michael W. Godfrey 

M.Sc. 1988,  U of Toronto

Toward Formal Specification of Operating System Modules


Guy-Laval Grenier 

M.Sc. 1988,  U of Toronto 

Towards Secure Tunis, a Trusted Operating System.


David V. Mason 

M.Sc. 1990,  U of Toronto 

Middleweight Processes


Jian Wang Chang 

M.Sc. 1991,  U of Toronto 

An Intelligent Concurrent Debugger System


Spiros Mancoridis 

M.Sc. 1992,  U of Toronto 

A Visual Programming Environment for Object Oriented Turing


Charles Halpern 

Ph.D. 1992,  U of Toronto 

Direct Telemanipulation


David A. Penny 

Ph.D. 1993,  U of Toronto 

The Software Landscape: A Visual Formalism for Programming-in-the-Large

U of  Toronto

William Monhemius 

M.Sc. 1994,  U of Toronto 

Modifying an Interpreter to Emit and Execute RISC Instructions


Arthur Tateishi 

M.Sc. 1994,  U of Toronto 

Filtering Run-Time Artifacts Using Software Landscapes


Vassilios Tzerpos 

M.Sc. 1995,  U of Toronto 

Visualizing the Source File Structure of Software Written in C


Spiros Mancoridis 

Ph.D. 1996,  U of Toronto

Controlling Interactions of Architectural Design Components Using Scoping Rules

Drexel  U

Jason Pak 

M.Sc. 1996,  U of Toronto 

Towards Visualizing the Evolution of Software Architecture


Michael W. Godfrey 

Ph.D. 1997,  U of Toronto 

A Framework for Visual System Configuration 

Cornell U, U of Waterloo

Susan Sim

M.Sc. 1998,  U of Toronto

Supporting Multiple Program Comprehension Strategies During Software Maintenance

UC Irvine

Ivan Bowman

MMath 1999,  U of Waterloo

Architecture Recovery in Object-Oriented Systems


John Tran

MMath 1999,  U of Waterloo

Software Architecture Repair as a Form of Preventative Maintenance


Eric Lee

MMath 2001,  U of Waterloo

Software Comprehension Across Levels of Abstraction


Vassilios Tzerpos

Ph.D. 2001,  U of Toronto

Comprehension-Driven Software Clustering

York U

Ahmed Hassan

MMath 2001,  U of Waterloo

Architecture Recovery of Web Applications


Aalim Lakhani

MMath 2002,  U of Waterloo

Research Paper


Susan Sim, sp’d with S. Easterbrook

Ph.D. 2003,  U of Toronto

A Theory of Benchmarking with Applications to Software Reverse Engineering

UC Irvine

Thomas Parry

MMath 2004,  U of Waterloo

Automatic Repair of Software Architecture Using Natural Permissions Systems


Ahmed Hassan

Ph.D. 2005,  U of Waterloo

Mining Software Repositories to Assist Developers and Support Managers

UVic (BC). Queens U

Jingwei Wu

Ph.D. 2006,  U of Waterloo

Open Source Software Evolution and its Dynamics


Zinqing (Ken) Zhang

MMath 2006,  U of Waterloo

Crystallizing Application Configurations


Mina Askari

MMath 2006,  U of Waterloo

Information Theoretic Evaluation of Change Prediction Models for Large-Scale Software


Jack Jiang

MMath 2006, U of Waterloo, sp’d with Ahmed Hassan

Visualizing and Understanding Code Duplication in Large Software Systems


Yuan Lin

Ph.D. 2008,  U of Waterloo

Completeness of Fact Extractors


Sarah Nadi

MMath 2009, U Waterloo

DRACA: Decision-support for Root Cause Analysis and Change Impact Analysis


Abram Hindle

Ph.D. 2010, U of Waterloo, sp’d with M Godfrey

Evidence-based Software Process Recovery


Raymond Nguyen

MMath 2012, U of Waterloo

Evolution and Architecture of Open Source Collections: A Case Study of Debian



In Progress

Michael Wexler

MMath 2014


Raihan Al-Ekram

Ph.D. 2014,  U of Waterloo


Sarah Nadi

Ph.D. 2014, U Waterloo