Schedule: CS746, Fall 2011 Software Architecture. Prof. Ric Holt, DC 2508,, Comp. Sci.,U. Waterloo

Class:   Monday 4:00pm – 6:20pm, DC3313, Enrolment cap 24


Monday – 2011 
Sep 12
Organizational meeting
Ric Holt
Website: Course organization, assignments and project
Website: Overview
Volunteer: Garlan/Shaw & Kruchten & Murphy papers next wk (Sep 19)
(Example S/W architectures)
Software architecture terminology
(Wesnoth demo)
Ian Davis
Demo of extraction and lsedit
Sep 19
Trevor Bekolay
*****Garlan/Shaw: Intro to Software Architecture
Zhiyuan (G) Wu
*****Kruchten: The 4+1 Views of Architecture
Xuan (Sean) Choo
*****Murphy: Reflexion Model
Ian Davis
LSEdit & clustering
Sep 26
Thang Le
*****Bowman: Linux as Case Study: Extracted Architecture
Daniel Kozimor
****Farenhorst: Lonesome architect 
Android Architecture parts 1
Oct 03
Alan Kinzie
*Fowler: Who Needs an Architect?
Trevor Bekolet 
Ch 14 Python Packaging
David Dietrich
Ch 12 Mercurial
Xuan (Sean) Choo
Ch 02 Audacity
Oleksii Kononenko
Ch 17 Sendmail
Greg Wilson
Oct 10
Thanksgiving: No Class    Make up class??
Oct 17
David Gage
Kruchten: Contextualizing Agile S/W
*Feilkas: Loss of Arch Knowledge
Chun (Luke) Liu 
Ch 21 Thousand Parsec
Thang Le
Ch 16 Selenium Webdriver
Zhiyuan Wu
Ch 08 Hadoop Distributed File System
Yin (Peter) Zhang
Ch 5 CMake
Oct 24
Zhiyuan (G) Wu
*****Hassan: Reference Architecture for Web Servers
Claude Richard
***Mancoridis: Bunch: A Clustering Tool for Recovery
Daniel Kozimor
Ch 15 Riak and Erlang
Alan Kinzie
Ch 01 Asterisk
David Gage
Ch 22 Violet
Oleskii Kononenko
Ch 20 Telepathy
Oct 31

Sarah Nadi

Nadi: Make it or break it: Mining Anomalies

Oleksii Kononenko
***Oreizy: Arch based runtime evolution
Zhiyuan G Wu
Ch 09 Continuous integration
Android Architecture (part 2 of 3)
Android Architecture (part 3 of 3)
Nov 07
Eid-ul-Adha (Muslim)
Yin (Peter) Zhang
****Zimmerman: How History Justifies System Arch
Trevor Bekolay
Gource animation of s/w evolution
David Dietrich
*Bass: Linking usability to software architecture patterns
***Aldrich: ArchJava
***Mockus: Two Case Studies of Open Source Development
*Klein: Architecture, Goals & Technology in Call Ctr Syst’s 
Kelvin Chung
Ch 11 LVM
Xuan (Sean) Choo
Ch 06  Eclipse
Thang Le
Ch 18 SnowFlock
Claude Richard
Ch 07 Graphite
Nov 14
Luke Liu

***Zalewski: Real-Time Software Architectures & Patterns

*Peng: Large-scale Incremental Processing Using Distributed Transactions and Notifications
Kelvin Chung
Ch 03 Bash
Alan Kinzie
Ch 05 CMake
Claude Richard
Ch 24 VTK
Daniel Kozimor
Ch 10 Jitsi
Nov 21
Kelvin Chung
***Raymond: The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Oleksii Kononenko
***Ball: Software Visualization in the Large
***Bass: Evaluating Software Architecture Competence 
David Dietrich
Ch 04 Berkeley DB
Trevor Bekolay
Ch 19 SocialCalc
Luke Liu
Ch 23 Vistrails
David Gage
Ch 13 NoSQL
Nov 28
Student Project Presentations
T1 Chung Dietrich Kononenko
T2 Kinzie Liu
Dec 5
Student Project Presentations.   Last day of classes
T3 Kozimor Thang
T4 Gage Richard Wu
T5 Bekolay Choo
 ****Strongly recommended
   **Provides breadth
    *Of  interest
See 2011 New Papers
See 2010 New Papers
See 2009 New Papers
See 2008 New Papers
***Lindgren: Software Architecture & Release Planning 
*Zhao, Zou: Business Process Gen of SW Arch 
*Hofmeister: General Model of SW Arch
*Eick: Does Code Decay?
Holt: Grokking SW Arch
*Goossen: Media Player Software in a System of Subsystems 
**Storey: Manipulating and Documenting S/W Structures
**Tzerpos: ACDC: Comprehension-Driven Clustering
***Tran: Forward/Reverse Repair of Software Architecture
**Torvalds: Comments on Designing Linux (too short?)
*Rotschke: Arch Analysis Tools to Support Evolution 
**Holt: Software Architecture as a Shared Mental Model
*Garlan: Architectural Mismatch

See Grad academic dates.  Lectures begin Sept 12 (Mon), end Dec 5 (Mon) (Fall 2011)

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