Schedule: CS746, Fall 2009 Software Architecture. Prof. Ric Holt, DC 2508,, Comp. Sci.,U. Waterloo

Sep 14
Organizational meeting
Ric Holt
Website: Course organization, assignments and project
Website: Overview, software architecture terms
Volunteer for Garlan/Shaw& Kruchten paper next wk (Sep 21)
Example S/W architectures
Sep 21
Brendan Robinson
Garlan/Shaw: Intro to Software Architecture
Atif Khan
Kruchten: The 4+1 Views of Architecture
Sep 28
Ian Davis
Demo of extraction and lsedit
Christina Hamada
Bowman: Linux as Case Study: Extracted Architecture
Oct 05
Chandra Jethani
Perry/Wolf: Foundations for Study of S/W Arch
Andrew Seniuk
Murphy: Reflexion Model
Ian Davis
LSEdit & clustering
Oct 12
Oct 19
Ric Holt
Holt: Grokking SW Arch
Daniel Isaacs
Parnas: Software Aging
Sen Li
Oreizy: Arch based runtime evolution
Oct 26
Wei Wang
Zimmerman: How History Justifies System Archtecture
Christina Hamada
Garlan: Architectural Mismatch 
Daniel Isaacs
Lindgren: Software Architecture & Release Planning 
Nov 02
Nov 09
Atif Khan
Aldrich: ArchJava
Ben Lafrenier
Mockus: Two Case Studies of Open Source Development
Sen Li
Klein: Architecture, Goals, and Technology in Call Center Systems 
Nov 16 Monday
Andrew Seniuk
Ball: Software Visualization in the Large
Brendon Robinson
Raymond: The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Nov 20 Friday
-> Nov 23 Monday
Ben Lafreniere
Bass: Linking usability to software architecture patterns
Wei Wang
Bass: Evaluating Software Architecture Competence of Organizations 
Chandra Jethani
Hassan: Reference Architecture for Web Servers 
Nov 23 Monday
-> Nov 27 Friday
Student Project Presentations
(Atif Khan)
(Sen Li)
(Daniel Isaacs, Jethani)
Nov 30 Monday
-> Dec 4 Friday
Student Project Presentations  Last day of classes
(Hamada, Robinson, Wang)
(Lafreniere, Seniuk)
Eick: Does Code Decay?
Gorton: MeDICi: Platform for High Performance Data Streaming 
Fowler: Who Needs an Architect?
Siddha: Getting maximum mileage out of tickless
New papers (From WICSA 2008)
Goossen: Media Player Software in a System of Subsystems 
Other papers
Storey: Manipulating and Documenting Software Structures
Sim: Browsing and Searching Software Architectures 
Clements: Survey of Architecture Description Languages  
Askari: Info Theoretic Evaluation of Change Prediction
Feijs, Krikhaar: Relational Approach to Arch Analysis 
Tzerpos: ACDC: Comprehension-Driven Clustering
Mancoridis: Bunch: A Clustering Tool for Recovery
Tran: Forward/Reverse Repair of Software Architecture
Tzerpos: Orphan Adoption 
Mockus: Two Case Studies of OSS Development
Pal: Dynamic Interaction
Torvalds: Comments on Designing Linux 
Medvidovic: Stemming Architecture Erosion
Bril: Embedding Architectural Support in Industry
Rotschke: Arch Analysis Tools to Support Evolution 
Holt: NBA (Nested Box and Arrow Model), Binary Relational Algebra
Holt: Introduction to TA
Wu: LDX Pipeline Tutorial
Muller: Rev Eng + Subsystem Identification 
Deremer: Programming in the Large. MILs. Hardcopy only  
Holt: Software Architecture as a Shared Mental Model
Stoermer: Practice Patterns for Arch Reconstruction

See also 2009-2010 Grad academic dates.  Lectures begin Sept 14 (Mon), end Dec 5 (Sat)

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