Schedule: CS 746, Fall 2004 Software Architecture. Prof. Ric Holt, DC 2508,, Comp. Sci., U. Waterloo

Wk  Tuesday 
1   Sep 14  Organizational meeting
 [Wu      ] Course organization
            Course assignments and project
            Introduction to J-Grok algebraic calculator
            Volunteers to present 2 papers next wk (Sep 21)
2   Sep 21
 [Holt    ] Overview, software architecture terms
            Example S/W architectures
 [Kahn    ] Bowman: Linux as Case Study: Extracted Architecture
 [Grosskurth#1] Garlan + Shaw: Intro to Software Architecture

3   Sep 28  
 [Holt    ] Holt: NBA (Nested Box and Arrow Model),
		Binary Relational Algebra Applied to S/W Arch
 [Holt    ] Holt: Introduction to TA 
 [Wu      ] Wu: LDX Pipeline Tutorial

4   Oct  5
 [D'Souza#1] Perry + Wolf: Foundations for Study of S/W Arch
 [Salehie#1] Kruchten: The 4+1 Views of Architecture
 [Holt    ] Holt: Permission and Phantom Architectures

5   Oct 12
 [Hildebrand#1] Murphy: Reflexion model
 [Holt    ] Holt: Permission and Phantom Arch (cont'd)

6   Oct 19
 [Ashkan#1 ] Tran: Forward/Reverse Repair of Software Architecture
 [Malyk#1  ] Garlan: Architectural Mismatch 
 [Echihabi#1] Hassan: Reference Architecture for Web Servers 

7   Oct 26
 [Li#1     ] Eick: Does Code Decay?
 [Israeli#1] Medvidovic: Stemming Architecture Erosion
 [Qin#1    ] O'Reilly: Lightweight Prevention of Architecture Erosion

8   Nov  2
 [Barrenechea#1] Tzerpos: Orphan Adoption 
 [Malyk#2  ] Tzerpos: ACDC: Comprehension-Driven Clustering
 [D'souza#2] Mancoridis: Bunch: A Clustering Tool for Recovery

9   Nov  9  (WCRE in Delft -- Wu going, Holt to be at UW)
 [Ashkan#2 ] Parnas: Software Aging
 [Barrenechea#2] Mockus: Two Case Studies of OSS Development
 [Grosskurth#2] Bauer: Contribution of Free S/W to S/W Evolution

10  Nov 16 
 [Hildebrand#2] Feijs, Krikhaar: Relational Approach to Arch Analysis 
 [Qin#2    ] Rotschke: Arch Analysis Tools to Support Evolution 
 [Salehie#2] Bril: Embedding Architectural Support in Industry

11  Nov 23 
 [Israeli#2 ] Pal: Dynamic Interaction
 [Li#2      ] Torvalds: Comments on Designing Linux 
 [Echihabi#2] Fowler: Who Needs an Architect?

Other papers:

 [        ] Muller: Rev Eng + Subsystem Identification 
 [        ] Deremer: Programming in the Large. MILs. Hardcopy only  
 [        ] Garlan: Software Architecture: a Roadmap
 [        ] Holt: Software Architecture as a Shared Mental Model
 [        ] Lampson: Hints for Computer System Design
 [        ] Frick: Fast Adaptive Layout Algorithm 
 [        ] Stoermer: Practice Patterns for Arch Reconstruction
 [        ] Lung: Quantitative Approach to S/W Arch Analysis
 [        ] Gannod: Verification of Recovered S/W Arch's
 [        ] Design and Arch of Brazil Web Application Framework

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