CS446 [CS646] Software Design and Architecture Fall 1997

Prof Ric Holt, Department of Computer Science, Waterloo University

Assignment 4: Architectural Structure of System as Built


This assignment is a follow-on from Assignment 1, in which the goal was to design a Software Architecture for the OAM layer of the SX4 telephone switching system; Assignment 2, in which the goal was to produce a corresponding Detailed Design; and Assignment 3 in which the system was implemented.


You are to create a Software Bookshelf for you system. This should give a visual display of the structure of your system as it is actually constructed.

You have a great deal of latitude in how you choose to carry this out. It is up to you to decide what Landscape diagrammatic views to present to show the structure of your system.

You should take direction from documents on the web site http://www.turing.toronto.edu/%7Eholt/pbs/, such as Software Bookshelf: Overview and Construction Web-Based Presentation of Hierarchic Software Architecture

You should particularly look at Example of Creating a Landscape to help with the mechanics of building a bookshelf.

Ideally, your bookshelf will have links at appropriate places to other documentation for your system, including to documents from Assignment 1 and 2. Also, there will be links to the actual source code for you implementation.

Ideally your bookshelf will include some simple visualization of your GUI implementation in Tcl/Tk, as well as the part in C.

Ideally your bookshelf will be set up to serve of the basis of future evolution of your system and future documentation and code as it is written.

The word "ideally" is used above to mean that it would be good to do this, but perhaps you will not have time or will decide not to do it. It is up to you to figure out how to create an interesting bookshelf with the limited amount of time available to you to complete this work.


Your are to turn in a report of your own design for this assignment. It should make clear what work you have done and what is the purpose of the report.

Although the Web is the natural means to view a bookshelf, your report must allow a person riding a bus to read your report and gain a good understanding of your bookshelf and the material it contains.

Do not make your report longer than necessary.

Write clearly. Organize your report so it is easy to find things in it.