Fall 2009: SE2 (ECE452/SE464/CS446/CS646): Software Design and Architecture

Prof Ric Holt, Department of Computer Science, Waterloo University


Notes added 7 Oct 2009 (in red):


1)      In the in-class presentation of your prototype, each team member is to do part of the presentation.   To avoid confusion, generally only one person (or 2 people) at a time should be in front of the class; the others should be sitting. 


2)      Order of presentation will be by team numbers, with Teams 1, 2 and 3 on Tuesday and Teams 4, 5, 6 and 7 on Thursday, with about 15 minutes for each team. 


3)      You are to attend the presentations of all teams.


4)      Try to make sure that you can start quickly, not wasting time. Design your presentation accordingly. It is suggested that you bring both a laptop and a memory stick containing your slides.  

Assignment 2: Prototype


For this version of the course, the following constraints are imposed by the management:

  •  All documentation (including the solution to each assignments) is to be web-readable, eg, in DOC, HTML (or other form readable from the web). At the same time, your report must be printable, and you are to turn in a hard copy of your report for marking.
  • You are to work in teams, ideally with 3 people per team.


You are to produce a prototype of your system and you are to demo this prototype.  The prototype should include at least a simple use of the main communication mechanisms of your system and a simple use of any major data structures or data bases.  You should include at least a simple use of key GUIs if any.


You report should consist of a set of slides, to be used in your demo of your prototype.  Your slides should incluide:

Title: About 3 to 6 words making clear what your project is about.

Authors: List of authors, their addresses, date, etc.

Overview: An overview of the key points in your proposed system and prototype, targeted to a manager or developer.

Main elements of prototype: Describe main items to be demo’d about your prototype, such as communication mechanisms, data structures, data bases etc.  Describe any problems in creating your prototype.  Describe key problems that you may encounter in your actual implementation.

Length:  Your set of slides should contain no more than 20 slides. 

Style:  Your projected slides should be easily readable from the back of the room.

Demo:  Be prepared to demo your prototype in its execution.


Revised 7 Oct 2009  RCH