SE2 (ECE452/SE464/CS446/CS646): Software Design and Architecture

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Project Information

Fall 2006, Department of Computer Science, Waterloo University

Instructor: Prof. Ric Holt, DC 2508 ext 37242,

SE2 course description: ECE452, SE464

Lectures: 8:30AM 9:20AM   MWF MC 4042  [From Quest]

Tutorials: 2:30PM 3:20PM   Friday MC 4064

Project Documentation: Overview of Course Project and Hardware Interface Description

Project: The project will be done (by default) in teams of 4, using the example Voice Over IP system (project for courses CSC445-7 & ECE451-3).


Marking: A1: Architecture 10%, A2: Detailed Design 10%, Midterm 10%, A3: Implementation 10%, A4: Presentation 10%, Exam 50%.

Lateness Policy: Assignments handed in 1 day late: 10% penalty, 2 days late: 20%, 3 days late: no credit (exceptions: a crisis such as a documented medical emergency).

Exam: The final exam covers all reading material, lecture material and project material unless otherwise announced.

Text:    No text but see reading assignments on course schedule
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Newsgroup: uw.cs.cs446

University Dates:

Lectures begin: 11 Sept 2006 (Mon)

Holiday (Thanksgiving): 9 Oct 2006 (Mon)

Lectures end: 5 Dec 2006 (Tues)

Exams begin: 8 Dec 2006 (Fri)

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