May 23, 2016: Initial 2016 Draft Guidelines available for comment.

TREC 2016 Total Recall Track

The TREC 2016 Total Recall Track will reprise (with minor tweaks) the 2015 task with new datasets and new topics. Several of the 2015 datasets, as well as an on-line test server and baseline model implementation, are available now to TREC 2016 participants.

Please register for TREC 2016, sign up for the Total Recall Discussion Group, and familiarize yourself with the guidelines.

TREC 2015 Total Recall Track (Completed)

Proceedings of TREC 2015 will be available shortly. In the meantime, please sign up for TREC 2016.


June 22, 2015: Supplemental Guidelines finalize requirements for At Home partcipation.
May 3, 2015: Initial Draft Guidelines available for comment.
April 12, 2015: Baseline Model Implementation now available for download.


The Total Recall Track is part of the Text Retrieval Conference (TREC), a forum in which academic, commercial, and government researchers conduct experiments and share results for specific information retrieval tasks.

Participants in the Total Recall Track will investigate tools and strategies to find, given a topic and a collection of documents, with as little human effort as possible, as nearly all of the relevant documents as possible.

Prospective participants must register for TREC as soon as possible.

Participants should adhere to the Initial Draft Guidelines and Supplemental Guidelines.

Participants may conduct pilot experiments through June.

Particpants submitting fully-automated systems for evaluation ("Sandbox" participation) must submit their systems by September 1.

Particpants who operate their own systems ("At-home" participation) must conduct the specified retrieval tasks throught July and August.

Some collections will be available only to Sandbox participation; other collections may be available only to At-home participation. To ensure access to all collections, participants should plan for both Sandbox and At-home participation.

Results will be presented in November at TREC 2015, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, in Gaithersburg, MD.

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This Overview of the Total Recall Track was presented at TREC 2014.

Mailing List

Participants should subscribe to the trec-total-recall discussion group.


Draft guidelines were released May 3. Supplemental guidelines, released June 22, finalize requirements for At Home participation. Future supplemental guidelines will finalize requirements for Sandbox participation.

Sample Tools

Sample tools are provided to accomplish Sandbox and At-home participation. Participants are free to use or modify these tools, or to use or create their own tools. The results achieved by the sample tools will be used as a baseline for comparison with particpants' results.

Track Coordinators

Adam Roegiest, University of Waterloo
Gordon V. Cormack
, University of Waterloo
Maura R. Grossman
, Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz
Charles L. A. Clarke
, University of Waterloo