TREC 2010 Legal Track -- Learning Task

Task Coordinators: Gordon V. Cormack and Maura R. Grossman



Welcome to the learning task web page. The goal of this task is to evaluate the contribution of machine learning tools to document review strategy.

The dataset is ready. The topics are ready. Submission deadline: August 25 (extended from August 4). You may submit up to three runs.

The 2010 dataset is now available here, courtesty of ZL and EDRM. More compact, deduplicated versions are available here.

There are eight topics: the practice topic as well as the seven topics from the 2009 Legal Track Interactive Task. The dataset is new for 2010 and so will be the assessments.

Official seed set and document id list are available

Practice topic, seed set and dataset (on the 2009 dataset) are available

There's a mailing list. Please read the archive and subscribe to participate and receive further updates. We value your input!

There is an interactive task which is distinct from the learning task. The guidelines and topics for the interactive task (not the learning task) are attached to this announcement

More details at the TREC Legal Track Web Page.

Here is the TREC Web Page.