Waterloo's team for the 2000 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

right to left: Jeff Shute, Ondrej Lhotak, Donny Cheung, Gordon Cormack (coach)

We were 2nd overall and North American Champions in the 2000 World Finals.

Results as announced at the awards ceremony. Medal Standings.

Note (1): In the 2000 competition, for the first time, medals were awarded - Gold for all teams solving the most questions; Silver for all teams solving the next most; Bronze for all teams solving the next most.

Note (2): Due to a judging error on problem F, some teams were awarded credit for one question a month after the contest. The rankings [sic] were adjusted so that teams awarded this credit were moved up, but no team moved down. As a result, the University of Melbourne was awarded a 2nd place tie with Waterloo while Caltech and Charles U. moved to 9th and 10th (for a total of 12 in the top 10). Various rearrangements and renumberings were also applied.

Final Official Results - April 25, 2000.

Bill Poucher's (Contest Director's) explanation - April 25, 2000. Errata.