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Type and Effect Systems Reading Group

We are organizing a reading group on types and effects on Fridays at 1 pm. We will focus on the following topics:

Information about the reading group is sent out to the types-and-effects mailing list.

Papers Date Room
Coeffects: a calculus of context-dependent computation. Tomas Petricek, Dominic A. Orchard, Alan Mycroft. ICFP 2014: 123-135 Mar 3, 2017 DC 2314
Coeffects playground: Interactive essay based on my PhD thesis. Tomas Petricek's blog. next Feb 24, 2017 DC 2314
Implicit Parameters: Dynamic Scoping with Static Types. Jeffrey R. Lewis, Mark B. Shields, Erik Meijer, John Launchbury. POPL 2000. Feb 16, 2017, 10:30 am PL lab
Coeffects: Unified Static Analysis of Context-Dependence. Tomas Petricek, Dominic A. Orchard, Alan Mycroft. CALP (2) 2013: 385-397 Feb 10, 2017
Safe Manual Memory Management in Cyclone. Nikhil Swamy, Michael Hicks, Greg Morrisett, Dan Grossman, and Trevor Jim. Science of Computer Programming, 2006. Jan 27, 2017 DC 2314
Region-Based Memory Management in Cyclone. Dan Grossman, Greg Morrisett, Trevor Jim, Michael Hicks, Yanling Wang, and James Cheney. ACM Sigplan Notices 37.5 (2002): 282-293. Jan 20, 2017 DC 2314
Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages, Chapter III, Effect Types and Region-based Memory Management. Fritz Henglein, Henning Makholm, and Henning Niss. MIT Press, 2005. Dec 9, 2016,
Jan 13, 2017
DC 3317, DC 2314
Dec 2, 2016, Nov 18, 2016 DC 3317
LaCasa: Lightweight Affinity and Object Capabilities in Scala. Phillip Haller, Alex Loiko. OOPSLA'16. Oct 21, 2016 DC 3317
Gentrification Gone too Far? Affordable 2nd-Class Values for Fun and (Co-)Effect. Leo Osvald, Grégory Essertel, Xilun Wu, Lilliam I. González-Alayón, Tiark Rompf. OOPSLA'16. Oct 7, 2016 DC 3317
Type Soundness for Dependent Object Types (DOT). Tiark Rompf, Nada Amin. OOPSLA'16. Sep 30, 2016 DC 2520

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